Project Close-Out Conference and Annual General Meeting

Project Close-Out Conference and Annual General MeetingOn Apr 9th 2016 is taking place an international conference on Tourette Syndrome - a project close-out meeting of project "With Tourette Syndrome Across Poland". Besides foreign partners and the leaders of the project to the conference were invitated also doctors and experts who are specalized in Tourette Syndrome. After the conference wil be taking place an Annual General Meeting of the Tourette Association of Poland where the State of the Association Report and Financial report 2015 will be presented and approved. Below you will find the Agenda.

International Conference

Project Close-Out Meeting

With Tourette Syndrome Across Poland

Date:                      9th April 2016

Venue:                  Warsaw, Centrum Zielna, ulica Zielna 37


9.30-10.45      Registration, coffee service

10.45-11.00    Opening

11.00-12.00    Presentation of International Partners’ activities (Norsk Tourette Forening)

12.00-13.00    Project activities’ review (PPP of the Tourette Syndrome Association of Poland, PPP of 

                     volunteers’ activities, new educational film)

13.00-13.45     Lunch break

13.45-14.45     Prof. Tomasz Wolańczyk „ADHD as Comorbid Disorder with Tourette Syndrome”


14.45-15.45     Dr. Piotr Janik „Deep Brain Stimulation– New Treatment Option of Tourette Syndrome

15.45-16.00      Coffee break

16.00-17.00      Dr. Agnieszka Sobiegała „Creating of Constructive Picture of Own Illness

 by  Children with Tourette Syndrome  – Conclusions based on own studies”

17.00-17.15       Q & A Forum

17.15-17.30       Thanks/Adjourn


Annual General Meeting



17.15    1 stcall

17.30     2d call

1.          Annual Association Report 2015. Review/approval.

2.          Financial Report 2015. Review/approval.

3.          Open forum/Other matters arising for discussion

18.30     Thanks/Adjourn


Our Mission

The Association offers support to persons with Tourette Syndrome and their families. We create opportunities for them to meet up and interact. Our objective is also to share the awareness about the nature of Tourette Syndrome and indicate the opportunities for  therapy. 


In order to meet these objectives, the Association has embarked on educational campaign based on spreading the information and publications about TS. The Association collaborates with the specialists and relevant authorities in the fields of education, health and science research.

Events Schedule

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Tourette de Pologne - Archives

Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological condition, its key features are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements.  The tics are usually of a mild nature, however in the more extreme condition they can manifest themselves in involuntary swearing or making obscene or otherwise unacceptable movements or gestures.


The disorder is named after Gilles de la Tourette, the  French neurologist and neuropsychiatrist, , who in 1885, whilst working  at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, described 9 cases of this condition. 


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