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Harmonogram projektu Z Tourettem po Polsce


1. Administration


2. Information and promotion:

Promotional materials (posters, gadgets, roll-up)


3. Tourette's Academy

Training sessions for the following groups:

- volunteers – local leaders (including persons with TS, 16 people, one person per province),

- volunteers – assistants (including persons with TS, 32 people from acrossPoland),

- experts – people who may come across TS at work (for instance: teachers, psychologists, doctors, therapists, 48 people from acrossPoland).


3.2. Training sessions for Local Leaders

Objectives: psychological empowerment of the leaders and development of skills necessary to work within communities in order to be able to offer a support to people with TS.

Scope: dealing with TS, self-motivation and motivation of the team, creating community centres and support groups, promoting activities, cooperation with media, fund-raising (including crowd funding), managing projects.


3.3. Training for Assistants

Objectives: providing a basic knowledge about TS, how to deal with the TS in day to day circumstances, how to support people with TS through community work and prevent a social exclusion.

Scope: providing a basic knowledge about TS and principles of working in community, which would enable them to work locally and assist the leaders.


3.4 Trainings for Experts

Objectives: dealing with TS at work.

Scope: educating people at a workplace about TS, leading to a better understanding of the symptoms and gaining skills necessary to prevent exclusion of people with TS.


4. Astudy visit to our Partner inNorway

Participants: around 15 people (the most active leaders and assistants, PSTT representatives)

Objectives: familiarising ourselves with the actions taken by the Partner (forms of work activities, ways of dealing with TS, exchanging experiences).



5. Community work

5.1. Assessment of abilities

A phase which allows people with TS to take part in decision making process in terms of necessary forms and methods of help.

5.2. Tourette in a local community

Nationwide campaign involving community work, with a leadership of a trained volunteer, coordinating activities, supported by an assistant, a volunteer with a basic knowledge of TS.

They may choose to:

- organise field meetings (for instance with psychologists) for people with TS and their families, such as support groups or community centres.

- work with people who come across TS at workplace (teachers, doctors, officials, clerks) and at school (probably the first place we may meet a person with TS) by organising talks.

The leaders will be providing help and support over the phone and through e-mails (on-call) as well as promoting the campaign through collaboration withmedia, uploadinginformation and photoson the Internet.


6. International conference inWarsaw

Objectives:  summary of the campaign, strengthening of the Partnership through participation of the representatives, integrationof the community.


7. Support activities for community work 

7.1. Improvement of the website

7.2. Translation and publication of brochures about TS

7.3. Educational film

7.4. Publication of leaflets about TS



AcrossPolandwith Tourette. Schedule.

Schedule of activities


1. Administration; preparing project documentation, signing agreements, purchases, setting out internal procedures, team meetings, shipping, administration jobs.

February 2015 – April 2016


2. Information and promotion; employing an expert, choosing a company to deliver promotional materials, carrying out promotional and informational actions.

February 2015 – April 2016


3.1. Tourette's Academy; recruitment, preparing documentation, forms, sending invitations to individuals and institutions, registration, selection of participants, signing agreements.

March – May 2015


3.2. Tourette's Academy – training sessions for local leaders, setting the dates, choosing coaches, venues for trainings, accommodation, catering, training, evaluation.

May – October 2015


3.3. Tourette's Academy – training sessions for assistants, setting the dates, choosing coaches, venues for training sessions, accommodation, catering, training, evaluation.

May – October 2015


3.4 Training sessions for Experts; setting the dates, choosing coaches, venues for trainings, accommodation, and catering, training, evaluation.

May – October 2015


4. Study visit to a Norwegian Partner; setting the date, list of participants, planning and choosing the means of transportation (booking tickets), accommodation, catering, insurance, deciding on a program of the visit, communication with participants and the Partner.

August – November 2015


5.1. Community work; assessment of abilities, ongoing delivery of information by the leaders and assistants and people with TS; analysis.

August 2015 – March 2016


5.2. Community work; Tourette in a local community; organising community work in a detail - assisting leaders in their work, coordinating.

September 2015 – March 2016


6. Conference; setting the date, program, preparing documentation, invitations, choosing the conference venue, accommodation for our partners, catering.

March - April 2016


7.1. Support activities for community work; improvement of the website, choosing provider of the website translation into English and implementing innovative techniques.

March – July 2015


7.2. Support activities for community work; translation and publication of brochures about TS, obtaining a licence, choosing a translator, publisher, printing house, supervising the process, distributing the paper version, uploading e-book on the website.

March – August 2015


7.3. Support activities for community work; educational film in which people with TS will take part, choosing a company to produce the film, writing a script, supervising the process, choosing the main character of the film and experts.

March – August 2015


7.4. Support activities for community work; publication of a leaflet about TS; compiling the content of the leaflet, translating it into Norwegian, choosing a printing house, printing, distribution of the leaflet, uploading it onto the website

March – July 2015


8. Evaluation, ongoing analysis of the project, preparing reports, questionnaires.

February 2015 – April 2016


Institutional development


1. English course (March – June 2015)

2. Attending International Symposium of TS organised by two PSST representatives (June 2015)

3. Planning and developing a 1% campaign (April 2015 - April 2016)

Our Mission

The Association offers support to persons with Tourette Syndrome and their families. We create opportunities for them to meet up and interact. Our objective is also to share the awareness about the nature of Tourette Syndrome and indicate the opportunities for  therapy. 


In order to meet these objectives, the Association has embarked on educational campaign based on spreading the information and publications about TS. The Association collaborates with the specialists and relevant authorities in the fields of education, health and science research.

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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological condition, its key features are tics, involuntary and uncontrollable sounds and movements.  The tics are usually of a mild nature, however in the more extreme condition they can manifest themselves in involuntary swearing or making obscene or otherwise unacceptable movements or gestures.


The disorder is named after Gilles de la Tourette, the  French neurologist and neuropsychiatrist, , who in 1885, whilst working  at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, described 9 cases of this condition. 


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